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Healthy Eating Diet

An easy way to illustrate this is the “eatwell plate”. This was devised by the Department of Health to give everyone an easy way to visualise what a balanced diet means. It cleverly cuts a plate into three different sections and fills each with the types of food we need every day.

The NHS Eatwell Plate with foods sectioned by requirement

Source: NHS

In terms of protein intake, thankfully these days getting an adequate amount of protein in your daily diet is not difficult, but there are two points to consider.

It’s far better to spread your intake through the day, rather than having most of it in your evening meal or at lunchtime - “little and often” is a good approach.

Like so many things in life… the better the quality, the better it is for you.

By this, we mean a protein source like whey protein that is pure and gives you lots of all nine of your essential amino acids (and so much more).

And finally, don’t neglect your other foods that also supply you with lots of good things your body needs…. remember, life is all about balance!

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